Concordia Pl

by Well Room

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Hi guys! We're super happy to finally release our debut album! It was a real labor of love. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank everybody who worked on the album: Donato for making it sound pretty, Dan for making it sparkle, Nat for being a G with the art, all of our families for loving and supporting us on this crazy ride, and last, but certainly not least, all of the people who have come to our shows thus far and supported us through this early stage of our life as a band. We love you all <3 <3 <3!!!
We couldn't do any of it without you.
Without any further adieu, enjoy this album! We hope you love it as much as we do.

Also, all of these songs are The Aluminiums covers.


released April 29, 2017

Aidan Williams: Guitar, Vocals
Grant Pavol: Bass, Additional Vocals, Synth
Harry Freed: Drums
Donato Pignetti: Mixing, Producer
Dan Jordan: Mastering
Nat Hilton: Album Art
Recorded in the Sick Room (Harry's Basement. Thanks Randal!:D)



all rights reserved


Well Room Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Yellowjacket
I found a fire
Little membrane burning high
Close the window
Let me sleep

Burning out of my home
Turn the lights out
Heaven all on my own
Like a Sunday
Rain a flood in my eyes
Floating ash in the light

I think I wanted more
Little heartache on the floor
Dig me deeper
Let me sleep
Track Name: Wait 'Til the Morning
What did I say
I'm flying away
I land on the notes
But I can't play
I don't know why
I can't seem to find
A message to write
But I can't stay

I lied
So i'll wait til the morning
I tried
So I'll wait til the morning

Why did you lie
There's blood in my eyes
I have to be still
But I'm alright
Pecking away
The notes in my brain
The silliest words
That make my day
Track Name: Amber
Go after dark
The lights are only there inside my mind
Walk through the park
The bottle's only empty in your eyes

For you

Sit in the grass
My eyes are only long enough to see
Holding the door
My arms are stretched beyond what I could be

For you

Walk in the street
My heart's too weak
To spread you through my veins
Sitting behind the deity
Who pulled my faith away

For you
Track Name: Island Highway
I don't wanna go
Up the island
I'd never go alone
I want you to know

You're the cyst in my liver


I dunno
I dun ever know
Dun ever ever know
Dun every know
When you come home

I don't wanna go
The entire island
On my own
I want you to know

You're the cyst in my liver

Track Name: Surf Jawn
Think you found me from above
I don't know what you mean by love
I don't know what I'm here to do
I don't need anything from you

What do I need from you

Think you found me from below
I'd like to sit and watch it glow
You don't know what it means to breath
You don't need anything from me

What do you need from me?
Track Name: Sad Song
Sad sad sad
Track Name: Under the Sun
You make me sad
I don't know why
Flesh from my hands
Closed up with lye
Bruised up and down
What did I do
Coming around
Nothing is new

Beneath the sun

You make me sad
Open with lye
Knowing is wrong
I can't decide
Bruising my eyes
Starlit in rhymes
Pick out the words
Hold out my mind
Track Name: Oh Me
Six feet of memories
Pressing the best of it onto you
Holding my form through the dark of the ocean
I float to you
Blame is unfortunate
Tell me again that I swam too soon
Float on the river
Under the moonlight I felt so new

Oh me

Sickly and cancerous
Cutting the stitching that kept me whole
Flaking in innocence
Shedding your sins
And the skin you stole
Coveted marrow
You covered in penance for letting go
Oh my, what time is it?
Sickly and sweating
I burned too low

Oh me
Oh me
Track Name: Lullaby
Soft and slow the way she moves
Lying in the moonlight
Hello, the hollow souls
My oh my the brightside
Halo Like a crown of thorns
I'm tied to the train tracks
First breath of the wintergreen
Candy stripes of candlewax

Don't hold you breath
On my bed
Your heart's in my head
Sing a lullaby
Hands in my eyes
The right way to lie

Soft and slow the way she grew
Dancing on the brightside
Hold the rope and let it slide
Falling in the sunlight
Hello, the pillows stand
My bed has turned to stonehenge
Last breath till the winter lands
We're building in the sand